Who We Are

Jeff LawsonBeing an independent, creative type, I always dreamed of having my own business.  After acquiring a couple decades of experience working within creative agencies and corporations, I founded Cowan Graphic Design.   It is one of the best decisions I ever made.  I find myself working harder than ever before and loving it!


What matters most to me is delivering innovative design solutions that exceed client expectations and make a real contribution to growing their business.   I find that listening closely to my clients allows me to zero in on their wants and needs, deliver creative that resonates with them, which in turn reduces the amount of time spent on  revisions…allowing us to manage costs and deadlines.


Based just outside Raleigh, NC, Cowan Graphic Design develops creative materials for a wide range of clients and situations:  from small start-up operations to mid-size corporations; from local professional service providers to non-profit organizations to global manufacturers across many industries.  We have experience in wine, food, home furnishings, construction materials, legal, finance, insurance, and education spaces to name a few.


Check out the rest of our site for more details and examples of our work.   Look forward to hearing from you.


Jeff Lawson - President

I have had the pleasure of collaborating with Jeff Lawson, President of Cowan Graphic Design on many projects over the past several years. Jeff’s extensive experience in both creative agency and corporate environments allows him to understand and adapt to a wide range of client situations and business needs.He is a professional, highly experienced creative talent with a positive attitude. Jeff prides himself on listening, then delivering quality work within agreed upon timelines and budgets. He is easy to work with, always accessible and flexible. As a result, most clients form an ongoing, long term relationship with Jeff and Cowan Graphic Design.


Analie Roth, President
Ascend Business Development and Strategic Marketing

In over 30 years as a marketing executive, I have worked with many exceptional graphic designers. Jeff Lawson’s extraordinary creative ability coupled with his commitment to honoring deadlines puts him in a class by himself. He has the ability to listen to direction, find cost-effective solutions and deliver on all of his promises. Jeff is a superb resource who will never let you down.


Jeffrey L. Slater, Director of Global Marketing
Nomacorc LLC

Jeff is one of the most efficient designers I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with – he consistently delivers quality work on time, even under the most demanding deadlines. Cowan Design offers reasonable pricing and friendly, quality service. Jeff and I met nearly three years ago, and I’ve been working with Cowan Design ever since. I’m very fortunate to have connected with Jeff when I did, and I plan to continue working with Cowan Design for years to come. Thank you for all you do for us!


Amy E. Borek - Marketing Specialist
TyraTech, Inc.

Our company has come to rely on Cowan Design as our top resource for all design projects. As an importer/distributor/marketer of CPG food products, our needs run the gamut from package design, product photography and comp development to display design and all forms of POS, selling materials and print advertising. Jeff's insight and respect for brand equity have made him a valued steward of all our brand imagery, and his creative impact has been clear on nearly all the brands in our portfolio, including the brands of our European supply partners, the private label brands of our retail customers and brands we create ourselves. We turn to Cowan for all important design projects that must be executed with excellence, on time, and on budget, and are always impressed with the result.


Thomas Daly - President

Jeff (Cowan Design) knows how to streamline the graphic design process and keep costs down for small business owners. Moreover, he is responsive and driven to exceed client expectations.


Jon Blum - President & Founder
FORCE Concepts, Inc.